Monday, November 12, 2007

Things that go "BLAAAAAA" in the night & Why do men panic in an emergency?

Well, I'm not sure if that is how you'd spell it, but it sure made one hell of a noise. Saturday night, busy counting zzzzz's, 3.25am, when all of a sudden "BLAAAAAAAAA".
I leapt out of bed like I'd been shot, my DH, of course, was still snoring. I knew straigt away it was his car, the little Excel. It has a horn all it's own!
Rushed out the front of the house to make sure it was his car, then raced back inside to wake him (still snoring!!). How in Heaven's name can men sleep through things like that? Just as well the house wasn't on fire! You have no idea how loud a constantly blaring car horn is at 3.25 in the morning.
Okay, so he stumbles out, turns every light in the house on, (I'm soooo wide awake by this time anyway it doesn't matter), almost falls over one of the dogs, who is obviously wondering what the....?
Then he proceeds to yell at me because he can't find the shifter to disconnect the battery. No hope of finding the right wire at this particular time. Talk about running around like a chook with it's head cut off!!
I, by this time, am laughing my head off. What else could I do. This did not go down well with my DH, but it was funny! Maybe you had to be there, but I'm not sure all the neighbours it woke up thought it was funny.
Anyway, finally he gets the thing disconnected, throws the shifter back in the garage cupboard & marches back to bed, muttering nasty things about car horns & people who have a weird sense of humour. Surely he didn't mean me!
The next morning he & our nextdoor neighbour spent a whole hour peering into the motor, trying to find the right wire to disconnect. I did volunteer the information that maybe they could disconnect it from inside, where it is connected on the steering wheel, but that was pooh-hooed. Stupid woman, what do I know? (lol).
Anyway, you guessed it. No wire found in the motor, not one they could get to anyway, so eventually it did get disconnected, from the steering wheel, but not until my DH had driven to the local shops and back, with the horn going "Bleep" every now & then. hee hee hee.
So today it's off to the car hospital to get fixed, a man can't live without a horn to Beep at us stupid women drivers, eh.

Anyhooo, on a brighter note, because we had lots of sunshine yesterday after a week or more of rain, rain & rain (which we desperately need), I took some pics of our little coffee nook on our back patio. Recognise the table, Sue? I've planted blue & white Potato Vines (sound ugh, but they are really pretty) on the sunny side of the lattice, and they are growing like crazy, so soon we will have gorgeous bunches of flowers hanging down all over. It's becoming my favourite place to collapse after working in the garden. And yes, the little yellow bird is real, that's my canary, William, and he whistles beautifully. Bit of competition for the cockatoos in the noise department, but much nicer to listen to.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Hugs, Coll :-}

PS: Anyone for tea & a cupcake?