Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hiya Everyone,
This is Shannon here, posting because im tired of telling mum to do a post to let everyone know that YES she is still around, LOL.
So now she will be reading this and thinking you cheeky girl (ahh is that my phone ringing now....).
I even added a pretty new border for her in an effort to co-erse her back into BLOGLAND !
SO C'MON GIRLS leave her a message tellin' her to get her butt into gear ok!
Sorry mummsy but it had to be done.....HA HA HA (just remember all those prezzies i just gave you..)
Luv Shann xxxx

Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Pressies

I was lucky enough to win the Mother's Day Giveaway held by Bek of beks shabby dreams, which arrived a couple of days ago, but I just haven't had a chance to post the pics until now.
What a sweetie she is, look at how prettily the parcels are wrapped, lots of lovely pink organza ribbon too.

Inside, one of Bek's own creations, a lovely pink rose air-freshener cuppie, with the most divine rose fragrance. More of Bek's goodies, her own sweet sugar cubes & hearts, just covered in pretty glass glitter, all inside a pretty organza bag. Plus a pretty pink sachet of Evening Tea & Sugar, Cath Kidston Bath Melts & the prettiest shopping list/pad to put on my fridge (it has magnets on the back) with the most gorgeous pink rose on each page. Oh, and there was also a little pressie for Shann. How sweet is that?

Thanks so much Bek, I love it.
You are so very sweet.

Hugs, Coll :-}

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WOOHOO, I got a swop parcel!!!

This morning I came home from work to find a parcel from the States on my kitchen bench. For all you who don't know, I work 21 hour shifts, so I was away all night. If a parcel arrives my DH leaves it out for me, often with a cryptic note, like "what have you bought now"?
Anyhoo, I checked this parcel, it's from the States.
Now, I know I haven't bought anything from you gals recently, so this is very mysterious. Turning over the parcel, what do I see. It's from Joan of Joan's Journey's, my Parasol & Paper Swap partner.
She did email to say she had posted my parcel, getting in early because of new bubbies & stuff (helloo, Sydney Ann).
So, here in all their glory are my gorgeous swap items. Joan, they are sooo lovely, how did you know I would love all these pretties.
Isn't it so exciting, look at all that pretty rosey paper & a card, addressed to me.
Such a pretty card & envelope, with roses, & the prettiest (pink of course) little scrapping book, with a PINK PARASOL, & a pretty pink fridge magnet. Joan thinks the lady looks a bit like a parasol. I think so too.
Parcel number 2 held these goodies, gorgeous little French style booklet/journal. I shall keep this in my bag, I am always scribbling down stuff. A lovely mini photo album (yep, we still do have photos), just beautiful, & darling little napkins. I love the chocolate brown & pink combination, gorgeous. Can you read what it says? "So many chocolates, so little time". A girl after my own heart, is Joan.
Is this not the most gorgeous pile of goodies. Thank you so much Joan. Everything is just beautiful, I love it (big smiles).
I know you were early, but now, like the White Rabbit said, I feel late. (Hmmm, now where did I put that paper I was putting in with the Parasol... heck, where is the Parasol?)
Just kidding Joan.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prayers to our friends in the States

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to send our prayers, blessings & love to all our friends in the States who have been affected by the terrible storms over the last couple of days. We have been watching the news on TV & were overcome by the devastation & heartbreak, in particular we saw film of Oklahoma, which distressed us greatly. We can't begin to imagine how you all must be feeling at this terrible time. Our hearts go out to all the people, particularly our blogging friends, who are affected by these terrible storms. May the Lord watch over you all.

Love & Blessings

Coll & John

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day, a little late

I know it's a bit late, but, better late than never, as they say in the classics. (Who is "they" anyway? or is that are they)? Oh, who cares.

Anyhoo, we all had a wonderful Mother's Day at my house. Unfortunately, my two eldest granddaughters couldn't come as they were both working at their part-time jobs. Alexandra, 17, is still in high school (her last year) & Rebecca (19) is at University studying Nursing. They are gorgeous, hard-working girls & I did miss them.

But, my lovely 15 yr old granddaughter Jessica (she prefers Jess) was with us & the twin terrors, Mr Sam & Miss Kaitlyn. My darling eldest daughter Tracey, Kaitlyn's Mum was here, my sweet SIL Todd was back from working in Darwin, and of course, Shannon & Shane.

We all had a great time, the weather was TERRIBLE, cold & wet, but who cares. Although, we were going to the lake to feed the ducks & the geese. Oh well, maybe sometime soon.

We ate a lot, drank some Champagne (just us Mums of course) & had a bit of a giggle. AND, I got some lovely pressies.

Shannon made me a gorgeous box for my bits-n-pieces, covered in beautiful papers, flowers, vintage buttons & the cutest lil birdie (can you see him). She also painted me a lovely sign to hang on my wall & I got CHOCOLATES TOO(yummm). Mr Sam made me a gorgeous tissue box cover (he knows Nanny can't ever be without tissues), with maybe a LITTLE help from Mum. Dont'cha love it?

Tracey & Todd & the girls gave me heaps of the MOST GORGEOUS teatowels for my new kitchen, all colour matched, pink-n-pretty, with cuppies & sodas & stripes & things. I don't think I want any of them to get dirty, they're just too pretty.

Not only that, they also gave me MICHAEL BUBLE'S latest CD. We are going to see him in exactly 10 days!! Am I excited? You betcha!!

12 rows from the front!! WOOHOO!! (oops, excuse me).

And, of course, Shannon & Tracey, when they get together, are just as bad as the littlies, always up to something.

Wonder what these two were up to while the grown ups weren't watching?

And, I know Shannon wants me to put this on my blog, even if she didn't say so (I hate all my photos). She looks gorgeous, anyway. (Do you think maybe the sepia hides my wrinkles?)
Hope you all had as wonderful a Mother's Day as I did.

Hugs, Coll :-}

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How many makes a collection? And how many collections can you have before you get certified?

Before I start, yep, I know I've been absent for awhile. Did you miss me? Just had a little break because of a couple of health issues bothering me & also doing extra shifts at work due to staff shortages, so not too well & verrrry tired make me a mite touchy (lol) & I hibernate a little

Anyhoo, got to doing a bit of moving "stuff" around this week, now that the house is mostly back to normal & I realised that I have more "collections" than I thought.

First, there's my gravy/sauce boats. This is 3 of my favourites, but I'm fairly sure that at last count there was 26. But, in my defence, I have been collecting them for about 20 years. I'm a bit choosy now though, they really have to be worth it.

Then there's the cherubs. It wasn't until I started unpacking again after the reno that I realised how many I have. If you count the ones in pics & on boxes, I think it's about 18. That's not many, is it? I'll bet there's lots of you with more than that.

Gorgeous trios, well, I don't think they should be classified as a collection, you can never have too many. Who knows who might pop in for tea & scones. Oh, & teapots of course. Gotta have teapots to go with them.

Sadly, I have just discovered that I'm acquiring a couple more collections (giggle). Pretty little Prayer Ladies (ok, I admit it, I'm addicted), gorgeous footed egg vases (there's a couple more of both in transit) & divine rose display plates for my walls. And the sweetest teapot next to my prayer ladies that I just bought from the lovely Alicia at Time Worn Style. Isn't it gorgeous.

I'd better stop there, if I keep looking around I might find out that I really AM ADDICTED TO COLLECTING. I wonder if there's a name for the complaint? Do I need a doctor? A phsychiatrist? Or maybe just more room for more collections (hee hee).

Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums.

Hugs, Coll :-}

PS: Please excuse the big spaces, the more I tried to fix it, the messier blogger made it. Aaarrgghh!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

From Disaster, to Dynamic!

FROM THIS................................................................................................................TO THIS!! TA DA!!

So, after almost ten days of having non-stop tradesmen in the house, things are almost back to normal.

I love, love, love my new kitchen, timber flooring & my gorgeous new carpet. Everything goes beautifully together.

But what a nightmare. Girls, if you are thinking of renovating, I reckon you should just buy a new house (lol). Even though we had no choice in the matter, I would definately leave home next time & just leave 'em to it!

We've built a couple of times, but actually living in it & having most of your possessions piled up in one room all the time (almost 2-1/2 months) is not recommended.

Now anyone who has been through it knows that nothing ever goes right, eh.

The tradies didn't turn up on time, which is in the rules, I know.

The kitchen removal people banged on the wall so hard, that things on the bathroom wall (behind the kitchen) started jumping off into the bath. Luckily nothing broke.

The new cooktop, when unpacked, had a huge ding in it. New one delivered next day, after much yelling from me down the phone. Not like me at all really (hee hee).

The kitchen cabinet manufacturers forgot 2 doors (oops, we forgot to count them).

The flooring man arrived with the wrong colour timber - red oak! Can you imagine that with Raspberry coloured benchtops. ERK!!! So, more yelling down the phone (I'm getting good at this by now) & another express delivery, from the boss this time. I must be getting REALLY good at it. So, Pale Oak arrives & it's right.

At least the carpet was the right colour (lol).

Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure it's over, all the rubbish has been taken away & I've unpacked lots of my pretties, but still a way to go. Maybe I've got too much stuff? Nah, no way (giggle).

My shelving above the fridge, not finished decorating it yet, still needs more stuff (lol) & lovely timber flooring.

My dining area, don't ya just loooove the carpet.
No more concrete, oh happy day. My poor old arthritic knees are very thankful.
So, I hope you all like it. I know Raspberry coloured benchtops aren't for everyone, but they look gorgeous with all the white. And did you notice the Raspberry Roses on the cabinet handles, what more could a girl want.
Happy Weekend Everyone.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Thursday, April 10, 2008


OK, for all you girls who list on ebay & don't already know, ebay australia is evidently going to introduce in the next few months a pay by PayPal ONLY system, which means they get more of our money. I have only just heard about it, but I'm disgusted, if this is true.
Coll :-}

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tomorrow is NEW KITCHEN day!! Ta Da!!

This is going to be a really short post.

Shannon very kindly informed me yesterday that "You need to do another pot Mum". Yeah, right!"

Various comments came to mind, but like a dutiful Mum I just said "yes darling, I know".
The last week has been (hang on, I'm searching for the right word here) - will FRANTIC do? Getting everything organised, including tradesmen, to co-ordinate. They don't call 'em tradesMEN for nothing, girls. Now, if they were tradeswomen, another story. But, I digress.

After NINE WEEKS of living in a disaster area, my old kitchen is being ripped out (OMG, that sounds awful) tomorrow, & the new one put in. I WILL FINALLY HAVE A DISHWASHER! Surely, that alone was worth the stress? You think?

Two days later the kitchen & family area floors will be done (I hope) & next Wednesday the new carpet will be laid (did I spell that right?)

Anyhoo, if I survive the workmen & the mess, I will post some pics tomorrow. Basically, I'm planning on locking myself & my Maddie dog in the computer room, (with a lamp I'm working on), & not coming out until they've gone. Wish me luck.

Hugs, Coll :-}

PS: Just wanted to add these photos (it's the next day, work already in progress). Poor old kitchen, RIP.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gorgeous Men (one for Tracie & LeAnn)

Got to thinking about Alan Rickman this morning (as you do), well I do anyway & so do some other lovely ladies I could mention (Tracie, LeAnn, could it be you I mean - giggle).

Which led me to thinking about another gorgeous man, another actor & the French version of Alan. Oo La La! Or more to the point, WOW!! Alain Delon is his name, I think I was in love with him when I was quite young & impressionable.
He's a bit older now, of course (I think he's even a bit older than me), but oh boy, what a hunk!

Don't you agree ladies. Anyone remember him?

And speaking of gorgeous men, I almost forgot this photo. Mind you I had to sneak up on him, he was very intent on doing the washing up for me & was not in the frame of mind for messing around with cameras. No prizes for guessing who.

Hugs, Coll :-}

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thank You LeAnn & Tracie

Isn't it amazing how, just when you are feeling a bit "blah", something happens to brighten you right up.

I was feeling just that way this morning, then I visited my blog & look what I found!

LeAnn from Pink Icing on the Cake and Tracie from My Petite Maison both gave me this award.

Thank you so much ladies. You are quite right LeAnn, there is nothing quite like your Mother's love, is there. Except maybe your husband, daughter, son, grandchild, your own little furball, etc...........

I am supposed to pass this on, but I would never be able to pick which of you wonderful ladies should receive this, so all of you should take this award, please do, because ALL OF YOU make my day!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

So, the sun's shining, the birds are singing & I'm off to the garden.

Hugs, Coll :-}

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New fabric & wasp stings - OUCHIE!!

I decided to do some gardening this afternoon, it was such a gorgeous day. Bright sunshine & a lovely breeze, so not too hot. And thankfully the rain has stayed away. We have a rotten cotoneaster is the far corner of our front garden, which is way too big to dig out, so slowly but surely we have been cutting it back to manageable size. Two weeks ago my DH got stung, not once, but twice, by wasps, (yep, he went back for more), but he couldn't find their nest.

Well, today I found it. Or should I say, it found me. Rotten little blighters. Anyhoo, I fixed 'em. Burnt 'em out, hee hee. Teach them to sting me. Through gardening gloves too. Shows how safe they are. Just as well it wasn't a Funnel Web Spider.

Also got this gorgeous fabric in the mail today, called Toile de Versailles. Now, I'm not usually keen on this kind of thing, although I do like some Toile fabrics, but this is gorgeous, so much nicer than the pics. The white is lovely & crisp & the pattern looks like it has been drawn on.

So, I'm thinking outside the square (shabby chic square that is). I have a gorgeous lamp base, crystal base & 3 round diamond cut crystal inserts & I'm thinking very French. Going to get started on the shade tonight, but have to find some gorgeous fringe or something (also thought maybe pearls) to go on the bottom of the shade. Don't know what colurs though, any suggestions gals?

Hugs, Coll :-}

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My house is still a mess, but at least the roses are blooming!

Sorry I've haven't posted for awhile, but every spare minute at home I seem to be trying to put the garden back together, post flood, or I've been on the darned phone to the insurance company, the kitchen man (useless person), the insurance company, the carpet people, the insurance company, etc., etc., etc..

We still haven't had anything done, the insurance company has sacked the kitchen person they nominated, so now we are picking our own, still waiting on one more quote.

The carpet is ready to go, but we can't get that done until the new kitchen is put in, so we are still living on cruddy, cold concrete. Ugh!!!! Shannon & Sam helped me pick out the carpet last week, although I think Sam was more interested in the forklift in the warehouse (hee hee). He's such a boy! It's green! Sounds hideous? It's not really, it is the softest green you can imagine, just beautiful. I'm quite surprised, I'm not usually a green person. But it goes beautifully with pink!

Anyhoo, today after I came home from work, I was soooo depressed looking at my messy house, no pretties around, well not many, so I took a walk in the garden. The roses are enjoying the gorgeous weather, we are finally getting some Summer & it's Autumn.
I put some in my little ginger jar, which has pretty birds on it & my little bluebird thought he'd come for a visit. And don't you just love the gorgeous pink rhinestone brooch I bought last week off ebay, I've got a special project in mind for it, thanks to Nancy from Fete et Fleur.

I bought this gorgeous sparkly pink silk scarf at a local market last week. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but I'll think of something. It was too pretty to resist & only $2.

There, I feel much more cheerful now. Amazing what some "pinkness" will do for you, isn't it.

Lots of Hugs, Coll :-}

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shann's friend is very ill

Hi Everyone.

This is just a short post. A very dear friend of Shann's, from her school days, is very sick, with a life-threatening illness. Shann only found out tonight & she is very upset, as you can imagine.

A cheer-up message from you gals would sure help. Also some very special prayers for her friend Sharon, who is going to have some tough times ahead.

Hugs & thank you, Coll :-}

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Memory Pillow, Sweet & Sad Memories.

I was making my bed this morning, putting all the "good" pillows & cushions back on it as I do every day, including my little Memory Pillow.

This little pillow, with it's lovely old & not so old brooches, holds lots of sweet & sad memories for me.
The beautiful Cameo belonged to my Mum, she wore it, pinned to a scarf, at her throat, often in the winter. I think my Dad gave it to her.
The sparkly green rhinestone one, I bought for her for Mother's Day many, many years ago (about 45 I think), with hard-saved pocket money. I was just a kid, still at school.
The old ring, which is garnets & diamond chips set in silver, was also Mum's. A bit big & gaudy, but she loved it! My parents had eleven children, I was the last, & lots of my olders siblings were brought up through the Depression years & they never had much, so Mum's small amount of jewellery was very precious to her.
My Mum passed away many years ago, when I was only 33, so you know why they are precious to me too.
I don't think, no matter how old we get, that we ever stop missing our Mum. (Excuse me, I'm crying, back soon).
The gorgeous Star of David, set with Rhinestones, belonged to my Nan, she passed away when I was only 8, but I still remember her, she was rather lovely & always wore her long hair in what they called a Chignon.
The bow & locket my dear hubby bought for our first Wedding Anniversary. I really don't wear brooches, but it is lovely & it has it's special place on this pillow.
The big fancy-coloured one at the top I bought at Vinnie's, just because, and the little duck I've had for I don't know how long, when I collected ducks years ago. He is very sweet, isn't he.
So, every day when I put this little Memory Pillow back on my bed, I am always reminded of the people I love, for always.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The mess continues, Easter goodies & vintage mug swap

Well, the mess from our little flood is still with us, after almost three weeks. We've been measured for new carpet, I think I've picked out something I like (not sure, can't I have pink), we've picked out timber for the floors in the kitchen & family area, which we've been told is going to cost twice as much as the carpet!! Heaven only knows why.

The guy came today to finalise measurements for the kitchen & bring colour samples for the cupboards. I don't like any of them!! I want dusty rose pink benchtops!! He thought I was quite mad. How can they make sooo many colours & they're all yucky? Also, when I told him we had decided to put in a dishwasher & replace the oven & cooktop as well, it seemed to be a really big deal. Good grief! They have to change all their measurements (boo hoo). As someone close to me says (who you all know), "put on your big girl panties & get over it". Work round it guys, it's my kitchen & I'm the one working & living in the mess.

Oh well, at least the insurance company has been helpful, even if the tradespeople aren't.

I've been talking to a very sweet young lady at NRMA Insurance, I gave her the "poor old lady with arthritic knees" story & she was putty in my hands. She must have a nice Grandma - hee hee.

Anyhoo, enough whingeing!! Some sweet, happy stuff!!

I bought some gorgeous Easter bits & pieces on the weekend while I was out shopping with my clients (I WAS working, really I was). A bag of crystal glass eggs, proper egg-size glittery eggs with chooks on & pink ribbons to hang them by & shrink wrap thingys for real eggs. Apparently you put them on an egg, lower it into boiling water for 3 seconds & it wraps itself around the egg. I'll let you know if it works. Aren't they all just so pretty. I think I should start Easter decorating now , it might make this messy house look a bit prettier. Just gotta remember where I stashed the rest of my Easter goodies (lol).

Also, on Saturday, my parcel arrived from Rachel, my swap partner from Purple Flower's Fairy's (Debbie) Vintage Mug Swap. Such a boxfull of the prettiest things, I don't know where to begin.

The sweetest vintage mug, filled with vintage laces, buttons, pearls, vintage wooden pegs, old rhinestone jewellery, hankies, a lovely embroidered crinoline lady heart, just to mention a few. A lovely old key, shabbied & with a pretty pink bow added, some smaller keys AND the most gorgeous little plate, wrapped in a vintage hanky.

But I think my favourite is the little blue bird, & after looking at Amy's (Bunny Rose Cottage) blog, I know exactly where he is going. Thank you soooo much Rachel, it is all just beautiful, I can't thank you enough. You somehow got everything exactly right, all the things I love. I hope you will love yours too.

Before I go, here's a couple of things on my ebay this week. Finally got to list that gorgeous French lady you liked Stephanie.

Isn't that gown just the most divine thing. She's on artist's canvas, ready to hang & is quite a good size.

A cute little Chocolat metal sign for your kitchen.

Another gorgeous sign, metal also. I am just lovin' the shabby vintage French thingy at the moment, I think my house might be getting a bit of a makeover when the mess is finished with.

Hugs to you all, Coll :-}

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Lamps are Back!!

I made a conscious decision this year (nope, not a New Year's resolution, I always break them), to get back to doing what I love to do, and that's refurbishing vintage lamps.

I kinda got a bit sidetracked for awhile, I guess because it get's sooo hard to sell on ebay sometimes, when there are so many other creative people out there.

It gets very disheartening when you know that your lamps are gorgeous and made with lots of love, not to mention hours. But, as another lovely lamp maker on ebay said to me, you gotta hang in there.

Don't get me wrong, I still love junkin' & looking out for pretty treasures for ebay ( & me), like vintage china, linens & stuff, but my lamps are what got me started on ebay & what I really enjoy doing.

I've also decided to do some more of the "crafty" things I used to do, seems like years ago. All sorts of stuff, photo albums, journals, frames & things & I don't think I've forgotten how. Bit like riding a bike, isn't it. You soon remember once you're up. So, hopefully, there will be a few more of my creations (time permitting) turning up. Having a job really does interfer with creating, doesn't it (lol).

Anyhoo, here is the pair of lamps I finally got listed this week. One has been finished for awhile & I just kept putting off doing the other one.

Rachel Ashwell roses, what more could a girl want. (Thanks for the great pics Shann)

Aren't those blue roses just dreamy.

This divine sugar bowl, which I'm sure just has to be Bavarian, has been listed too. I almost kept this one.

Gorgeous Shabby French Chic sign, on tin. I kinda like the Paris thing, don't you.

Two beautiful Victorian bone dishes. All that lovely gilding & just enough wear to make them sooo prettily shabby. Could be used for all sorts of things, trinkets, soaps, candy etc..

So, as you can see, I will still have lots of other pretties. In fact, I did some junkin' today on the way home from work, bought some lovely vintage linens. I'll show you next time.

Hugs, Coll :-}

PS: my boy's back home, I'm sure he's grown an inch or two (hee hee).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I miss them already!

Shannon, Shane & Sam have gone away for a few days, as you probably all know. A friend of mine has a gorgeous caravan (I'm told it's just like a small holiday apartment) on our beautiful South Coast, so they've gone there for a little R & R.

Can you believe I miss them already, and they only went this morning - lol. It's not as though I see them every day, but..... I sure miss my little man.

They certainly need the break, they haven't had any time out since Shane was so ill and this is just what they need. And today the Gods smiled on us & the sun finally came out, so hopefully the weather will be nice for them too.

I was feeeling a little depressed about this (how did you guess), so I took the opportunity to get into the garden again. Our front garden has dried out enough to be able to work in it, but the back is still waterlogged, bit like a bog really, that's gonna have to wait. Hopefully we might get some more sunshine (pleeese, pleeese, pleeese).

I picked some of the few remaining roses that weren't ruined in the storms & brought them inside, so that brightened me up.

Isn't this the most glorious pink. It's a very old English rose called Olde Fragrance & it has that olde worlde musky perfume that, for me, is what makes a rose. Never can understand people who have roses with no perfume, it's just wrong.

I've put them on a little table between the dining room & the kitchen, so every time I walk through I can smell their beautiful perfume.

Now, if pink roses don't make me feel chirpier, nothing will.

Hugs, Coll :-}

PS: I wonder if Shann is having computer withdrawal yet - hee hee.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


First, I have to say thanks to all the lovely gals who commented on my last post. It's soooo nice to know that all you gals sympathise & not only that, that lots of you have been through the same thing. Not that I would wish it on anyone, you know, but at least we're not alone - lol.
Really, you gotta laugh, or you cry. Although, Shann tells me I did lock myself in my bedroom at one stage (hee hee).
And yes, boy does it STINK!!!! The morning after it was starting to smell, & by the next morning it was absolutely RANK!!!!
Thank God the men came & ripped it up that afternoon.
My house now, however, looks like we just moved in. All my pretties are packed away, lots of them in my computer/workroom, so that I just have a little pathway to the computer - lol.
Now we just have concrete (yuk, yuk & yuk) & it's been quite cool here, so I have taken to wearing my winter slippers & IT'S THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER!!
And this is my house now. I don't think I can stand it without all my pretty things around, I'm having withdrawals already! In fact, it's so bad, I had to go shopping with Shann after work today to buy some stuff to cheer me up (hee hee).

Poor little Maddie is exhausted from all the activity.
I kept my gorgeous Cherub & Roses lamp out, I need something pink & pretty to keep me smiling. Shann wanted to take him home with her "just to look after him" but I'm not that stooopid!
Mind you, it will be quite exciting when it's all done. New carpet & a new kitchen, who knows where it might lead. Of course, the curtains in the family area will just have to go & the wall colour, well, that won't go with anything. Hey Shann, better get those paintbrushes out again!!!

Hugs, Coll :-}

(aarrgghh!! Blogger will not leave my pics where I want them. Grrr).