Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm back - and I finished my lamps

Ok, I know I haven't really been away, but I have been a bit slack at blogging lately. Shannon gave me a bit of a talking-to the other night, told me it's about time I did another blog.

I don't know where the time has been going.

Anyhow, I thought you all might like to see my new lamps. I posted my cherub one quite awhile ago, when my dear neighbour, who rewires them for me, put him back together wrong. Well, that got fixed, and after much hard work, he is now in Shannon's girlfriend's shop, hopefully to find a new home (the cherub, not my neighbour-lol).

It was very hard to part with him, because he is rather gorgeous and we have become quite fond of each other (lol). What do you think? I just love the Sugarplum Sorbet fabric, I think it is my favourite.

This other shade was just sheer hard work! Hours and hours and then, when it was almost done, I didn't like it and undid half of it and did it again. It's a really difficult shape to work with, but the results are worth the effort. I love it, and the antique base, which I bought for only $20 dollars, is just divine. It is a solid block of Alabaster on the bottom and boy, is it heavy. Don't think I'll be posting that one any where. It's the most beautiful vintage-look fabric, I bought from urbangarden on ebay in the States, she really has the loveliest fabrics and great prices.

I'm going to start work this weekend on shades for my lovely bases with the blue roses. So I think I'm going to have a busy couple of days. But might take time out tomorrow to go out for lunch with Shannon, Shane & Sam. There's a great little restaurant up in the Mountains that we like, The Wayzgoose (don't ask me why the name-lol). And maybe some of the antique shops too. Can't miss that.

Have a great weekend everyone, Hugs, Coll :-}

Wednesday, July 4, 2007





COLL :-}

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why are men useless when we are sick?

I have come to the conclusion that men are unable to cope without us. Why it should have taken me so long to reach that conclusion I have no idea, one would have thought, at my age, I would have figured it out by now.

The day after our birthday, I woke up at 6.30am to the sounds of a chainsaw!! Evidently, because we have had so much rain and strong winds, one of the gum trees next door had let go and fallen across the road. Luckily, it missed houses, cars etc. Anyway, grumbling VERY LOUDLY, I marched to the kitchen in the dark and cold to make coffee, the MOTH (man of the house) still snoring loudly. Does nothing wake them? Waiting for the kettle to boil, I thought my throat felt sore. Sure enough, I had raging flu and have been in bed ever since, except for the occasional foray into the kitchen for sustenance, because of course, as I was ill, I didn't NEED anything, and, of course, to check emails, blogs etc, which we do even if we are dying.

The MOTH has been utterly useless. The following morning, waking from my deathbed, I found the house deserted. He had snuck off to work without even checking to see if I would like a cup of coffee, tablets, water to take said tablets, a gun to put me out of my misery etc....... Thank heavens I have had my Maddie dog to look after me-lol. (Seen here snoring on my bed, she's only allowed on it when I'm not well).

Today, since I have been up, I have spent all my time putting the house back in order. I guess there was a good reason why I married him, but at times like this, you wonder...........

Boy, do some mothers have a lot to answer for. Hopefully, all the mothers of today will bring their sons up to MANAGE!!

Thanks heavens he can cook a great breakfast and barbecue.

Cheers Coll :-}