Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sam's Doing Fine

Well, the operation on our little man's foot was a huge success according to the surgeon. Thank the Lord it's all over with. He is doing well, so are his Mum & Dad. Shannon has been with him all day and I've spoken to her several times. She is very proud of her little man, who she says was very brave. Evidently he was asking questions about all the equipment right up until the time he went to sleep. That's our Sam.

We have all known that this was going to happen, but are very glad that it is finally done and the healing process can begin. It might be a rough few weeks, evidently he is NOT HAPPY about all that plaster.

When I spoke to her earlier this evening, she told me he had eaten a cheese sandwich, watched a bit of TV and was nodding off to sleep. The resilience of children amazes me. Shannon will be sleeping beside him on a cot bed, so she can be there if he needs her. Evidently there was a couple of other little mites in the same ward who were in a bit of pain and very fretful, so I don't know how much sleep her and Sam will get. Here's hoping the other littlies and their parents manage to get some sleep too.

I'm going to see them first thing tomorrow, so please send along your good wishes and I will let Shannon, Shane & Sam know that you are thinking of them.

Thank you all for caring so much.

Hugz, Coll :-}

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My darling Sam's Op

Well, as you all obviously know, our darling Sam is going in to have his operation in the morning. We will all be saying prayers and thinking good thoughts and I know everyone out there is too. Shannon has made me promise to keep my blog updated (I will darling, I swear) so that everyone knows how Sam is doing (and his Mum & Dad too of course). Sometimes I think it's harder on the parents than it is on the kids. Shannon's sister had her tonsils out when she was only five and I was a real mess, so I know exactly what they are going through.

Sam is in the best possible hands, his surgeon is the best in the business and Westmead Children's Hospital is known world-wide.

I just spoke to Shannon on the phone and she is understandably on edge, but she is strong and has her darling husband Shane to hold onto, so keep the good thoughts coming and I will let you all know tomorrow how he came through the operation.

Hugz, Coll :-}

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finally, my list of "weird" things I do

Okay, I've been chastised by my very own daughter (just remember Shann, tomorrow is Mother's Day, be nice to the old girl). I know I got tagged days ago (ok, a week ago), but I've been really busy. Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - lol. Really, it's taken me that long to think of seven weird things - lol. I'm sure my girls could think of many more in less than a minute.

Well, here goes.

1. Shannon was right, I'm always wiping the sink down. Not just the sink, just about everything. Can't stand drips of water, bread crumbs (mostly John's), bird seed (from my canary) or anything around the kitchen benches or whatever. John says I'm gonna get buried with a wettex in my hand-lol.

2. It takes me twice as long at home to do the things I do in half the time at work. Does that make sense? Maybe because I'm not getting paid for it-lol.

3. I'm with the rest of you girls, can't stand anyone messing up my cushions. Don't crush'em, and especially DON'T SIT ON THEM.

4. Like my dear friend Debbie (purple flower fairy) I'm addicted to lamps. Apart from making them, if I'm not listing on ebay, I'm usually looking at lamps on ebay. If I had the money, oh boy.

5. I can't stand it when people leave things lying around after they've used them - if you use it, PUT IT AWAY!! Drives me nuts.

6. I talk to my little dog, Maddie, like she was one of my kids. We have great conversations. That probably wouldn't be too bad, but she's deaf as a post. Maybe she can lip read.

7. I actually think I'm becoming addicted to buying fabric. I think gee, that would make a great lamp or whatever. I've discovered that I've got fabric I'll probably never use, but it's gorgeous anyway.

So there you go, I'm done. And I'm not going to tag anyone, because you've all been done too many times already. Just how many weird things can we have wrong with us. Hmmm.

Cheers, Coll :-}

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I've been tagged

Well, evidently Julles and my dear (hmmmm) daughter Shannon have both tagged me !! Good grief!! I'm thinkin' I only have to do it once though, eh. I couldn't possibly think of fourteen things that are weird about myself - lol.
Seriously, it's really hard. Shannon could probably think of lots, but I don't think I'm THAT weird. Maybe I am. I'm gonna go have a bath and ponder on this. Might have to light some candles and take a glass of wine in too, just to get the old brain cells working, you understand. I can do this because I have the house to myself, John is at work and will be home late. Just me and the dawg. Ha, now there's one thing I just thought of. Tell you later. Bye.

Hugz, Coll :-}

PS: Forget to tell you I had another junkin' day yesterday, and all while I was workin'. One of my guys was at work and I took my other guy, who loves old stuff despite him being intellectually disabled. He fiddled with old record players, telephones and stuff and we had a ball and I got some really great stuff for ebay. Will post pics next time. :-}

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I am so, so happy with my lovely new banner!! My darling daughter, Shannon, got together with the wonderful Jullie and this is what I got. WOW!! It's just gorgeous, I love it to bits. It's even got a pic of my lovely coffee pot, or should I say John 's coffee pot. He bought it years ago and I thought he was nuts - lol. Just shows, he was into shabby chic before I was.
So thank you, thank you, thank you, Shannon and Julles, for my lovely banner. Such a lovely surprise.
By the way, my Cherub lamp is fixed. I bought a 6-pack of JD & Coke for Jason, said here's my thank you, but you did it wrong. After much laughter (and denials on his part), my gorgeous Cherub is back together, right way up.
Great day all round, I think.

Hugz, Coll :-}

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This is my gorgeous cherub lamp base I bought from the States a while ago, been waiting for the chance to fix him up.

My young neighbour, Jason, who is a real handyman and can DO STUFF, offered to fixup/rewire any of the lamps I buy. What a sweetie. The lamp shops want $20 plus parts. Yikes!! Anyway, last night he rewired my cherub for me, but he put the bottom piece of crystal on UPSIDE DOWN. eeeek!! How do I tell him he did it wrong??? He'll have to pull the whole thing to bits again. Oh dear!! It has to be done, because I can't paint the little brass ring that is between the crystal and the marble piece, it's now too hard to get at.

Thinkin' maybe I'll buy him a few beers first as a thank-you (lol). What do you think?

Coll :-}

New Lamp

I finally managed to finish off this gorgeous lamp, which has been patiently waiting for weeks now. Just couldn't decide what to put around the bottom edge, but finally decided on the pretty AB crystals, which throw off such pretty colours, so I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

The Ribbons & Roses fabric is from the Mary Rose collection, all of them are soooo pretty, all crisp white and pink roses, what more could a girl ask for.

I have it sitting on my bedside table at the moment, looks like it belongs there. Oh well, maybe the next one I make. Hmmm.
Speaking of pretty fabrics, received my parcel from shabbyhomeshoppe yesterday. Sooo beautiful are all the Ashwell fabrics I bought from the lovely Tammy, who is the sweetest thing, she put extra Bella Rose Blush in for me as a gift. What a darling, she knew it was one of my favourites.

Just looked outside my window at this beautiful day, I can see white daisies, blue plumbago and musk pink salvia waving in the breeze. I think I hear the garden calling - lol.

Have a great day.

Hugz, Coll :-}

Junkin' Day

Well, it seems like forever since I've had time to get to my blog. Sooo busy at work and in the garden, also trying to get lamps finished, for ebay and orders.

Met Shannon after work on Saturday and went "junkin". We both got some terrific things. Shannon got her boudoir chair, she's wanted one for ages. It's all pretty pink velvet and will be really gorgeous when it's cleaned up.

I got heaps of old china and linen, some gorgeous tablecloths with cross stitched roses, also some pretty doilies, also with roses, of course. Got some pretty trios, bowls and other stuff.

The best things of all though were these absolutely gorgeous teasets. Not sure if they are meant to be for coffee, or Chinese tea, but who cares! I can't decide which one is the prettiest, the pink roses or the crinoline lady. They are both lovely, all pieces in great shape and only one cup missing out of all of the pieces. I would love to keep both of them, but I have to be strong, I'm running out of room. Hmmm, maybe I COULD find space :-} The pretty bowl with the violets is soooo me, according to Shannon, it's definately a keeper.