Saturday, March 31, 2007

My gorgeous new boudoir lamps

I am sooo tired today, haven't been home from work very long and had a really lousy night, not much sleep. Even after working there for 6 years, I still find it hard to sleep. Much rather be home in my own bed. And I have to go back tomorrow. I HATE working weekends. Oh well, needs must.
I decided (this on the way home up the Mountains) that I REALLY HATE SLOW DRIVERS WHO DRIVE IN THE FAST LANE. AAARGH!! Just get out of my way, I want to get home. Okay, got that off my chest.
These are my beautiful boudoir lamps I bought on ebay. They look sooo lovely at night. Sorry about the camera flash in the mirror. They are the most gorgeous pink around the top of the glass, which doesn't quite show up in the pic, so I have put the single one on so you can see how pretty-n-pink it is. John wants to know why they are on the sideboard if they are boudoir lamps. Men!!! They just don't get it.
The yummy cake on the sideboard is a pressie from Shann. It came home with me today. Bet John thinks it's real. He doesn't need cake anyway - lol.
Gotta go get ready for a birthday party next door. I must be getting old, would much rather watch tv in my dressing gown tonight - lol.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Yesterday I was sitting in the loungeroom working on a lamp and I happened to glance out the window. I think it was about 5.45pm, getting dark and I thought we were going to have a huge storm, because the sky had been as black as.
Suddenly the sun broke through and I couldn't believe the picture it painted. Absolutely amazing. I ran (really-lol) to grab the camera and tried to get some decent pics, but my photography skills with the new camera are not what they could be (lol), but I think the couple I managed to get were great. I just hope I manage to get the pic on here (lol) without Shannon's help. Mother Nature is truly wonderful sometimes, eh.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well, it worked. How about that. Thanks Shann, I would never have done it without you. We even managed to post a pic of one of my lamps, but I've gotta do something with my pics, they're too hard to find the way mine are set up.
Have to get Shann's computer-clever husband, Shane, up here to fix them up for me.
Yesterday I received a gorgeous pair of boudoir lamps, brass bases and etched pink glass shades, which look absolutely beautiful on my antique sideboard. John though I was going to re-sell them!! NO WAY. These are all mine. He thinks that's funny, me buying lamps for myself.
It's a dreary day here in the mountains, but at least it's not raining again. I was going to do some pics and list some stuff on ebay, but not a good day for it. I will probably park myself in front of the TV later with an old movie and finish off a light shade I'm making for a friend from work.
One of my clients from work, who loves old movies, lent me a couple of his, old Bette Davis stuff, so I figure today is a good day for them. First though, I have to go refrigerate my tulip bulbs from last year. Can't believe where the year has gone, it's almost 12 months since my darling 3-1/2 yr old grandson Sam helped me plant them. Truly, he did. It was a freezing day, we got all rugged up and he stood in the middle of the garden, filthy dirty (we both were - lol) passing me bulbs and telling me "this one now nanny" and wanting to know what colour they would be. That's probably why they looked so gorgeous when they flowered.
Ok, mustn't waste my day off, stuff to do.

My First Blog !!

Whoo Hoo. We did it !! This is my first ever blog and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. My lovely daughter Shannon is talking me through this otherwise I wouldn't be doing it at all - LOL.

I have some lovely friends on ebay and I'm always looking at their blogs, so I figured it was time to get mine going.

I'm going to try and add some pics (not of me - lol) and hopefully it will work.

If not, my computer will probably self destruct, but here goes. Fingers crossed everyone.