Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cherubs, Roses & Birthdays

Well, as you all probably know if you've been reading Shannon's blog, it's my birthday today. Also John's (weird eh), but he's MUCH older than me (lol). I really hate birthdays now, so I just have present days. Much more fun and you don't get any older (I wish).

So far, it hasn't been the best. We were going to go out for dinner tonight, but now John has to work late, so it looks like I have to cook. Oh well, a nice roast and a glass (or three) of champagne and some strawberries should fix that one up. Also, the air conditioner man has been, now we are nice and warm again. Should hope so, after a bill for $450. OUCH!!

However, on a much happier note, my so-sweet neighbour, Jason, has come over and rewired all the lamps I have had sitting here waiting, so now I can get to work and make shades for them. Can't wait to get some gorgeous pink Ashwell roses on the blue ones. Wow!! Will post another pic when they're done. These will probably go on ebay, or maybe into Shannon's girlfriend's new shop. The pink is mine, he's not going anwhere. He's the one my dear daughter covets - lol. He's finally lit!

So that has definitely brightened up a very dull, dreary, cold & wet birthday.
Cheers, Coll :-}

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boy, it's cold

I've been a bit slack in the blog department, but I've been very busy making lampshades and it's also cold in my computer room - the air conditioning doesn't seem to want to work in here at the moment. Yesterday I did some ebay stuff with MITTENS on - lol. At least it kept my fingers warm, my "mouse" hand was freezing.

We had snow further up the Mountains two days ago, and this morning the wind was like ice, just cut straight through you, so I'm afraid I haven't been out of the house much for the last two days, so my days off work have been busy inside, no gardening I'm afraid.

But there are still some pretty things happening in the garden, even with this cold. I'm not a fan of Orange as a colour, but there is a patch of Red Hot Pokers in my garden which really do brighten up a cold day, and besides, the birds love them.

The parrots are still visiting too, in fact, I think some more have moved into the neighbourhood. Yesterday I counted 12 Crimson Rosellas just out from the back Patio, eating grass seeds, but as soon as I tried to creep out to take a pic, they took fright and flew off. Maybe next time.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Monday, June 11, 2007

My pretty winter garden

It's been such a pretty, sunny winter's day here, (but cold), so I wandered out into the garden with my cuppa and my camera (and my Maddie dog, of course). Such pretty things I found, what a joy a garden is, especially at this time of year, when we need something to brighten up the days. Hope you enjoy sharing them with me.

Tiny winter Iris peep out from under the Agapanthus leaves and my Diosma in full bloom.

Glorious colours of the Japanese Maple and some dainty African Daisies.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm having trouble moving my pics around

Now I know the wedding pics are all over the place, but I just haven't quite got the knack of moving them where I want them. Help Shannon!!! Just when I think I've got it right and I know what I'm doing, I stuff it up and everything disappears. But I will prevail, as some bright spark once said.
Coll :-}

Is Wedding Week over yet?

Ok, I don't know if I missed out on the timing, but I decided (after much thought) to share a few of my Wedding pics with you all. I just hope you can make them out ok, as they are pics of pics and my camera sometimes isn't the best. It's a collage of our Wedding photos that my darling Shannon made for us a few Christmases ago. We were into Cherubs then too, obviously.

Our wedding was nearly 19 years ago (second for both of us). We married in the garden of my next-door neighbour and it absolutely poured just beforehand. So much so that my eldest daughter Tracey (she's the one in the black & orange & was 3 months pregnant with our darling granddaughter Rebecca) and her partner got flooded in and had to take a huge detour to get to the wedding. Everyone was telling me it was time to get started, but I refused to get married til my girl arrived. However, they did make it and the sun shone on us anyway. Although we did get very dripped on from all the trees - lol.

In the top right pic, the young lady on the right with the big hair is my darling daughter (she will just love this pic), who was one of my bridesmaids, along with the shorter one, who is my dear step-daughter Jodie, who is now a mother of two herself. Mind you, I think I had big hair too. Ugh!

The top pic on the left is John & me with my dear old Dad, who passed away almost 17 years ago, aged 89. At least he stuck around to see me get married to my John. Sadly, my darling Mum had been gone for some time. (Damn, and now I'm crying as I type this).

We all had a great day, had a wonderful party afterwards in my neighbours house (they had lots of room) drank lots of French champagne donated by John's boss and now here we are, living happily ever after.

Hugz, Coll :-}

Well, didn't it rain children, rained all the time.

Well, like I said, it rained, and rained, and rained. The drought is broken, at least in my part of the world. I came home from work today, after a 24hr shift, and the place is awash. We have a small river running past the front of our house, given that we live in the Blue Mountains and it's all downhill.

There has been so much rain, sadly 7 people have lost their lives in NSW due to flash floods, and much damage has been done. Different picture from a state that has been ravaged by drought in the last few years, although I think some parts of our state are still not getting any rain. Go figure. Such a vast land Australia, and so much of it so different to where we are. My heart goes out to the people who are not receiving the much needed water. I watch it run away and wish that it could go to those who need it most.

My heart also goes to Amy (foursistersinacottage), her family and friends. Our prayers go with you all. Please send your prayers to her.

Coll :-}

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Well, this is my new lamp

Ooops, my computer locked up in the middle of everything, so I lost the bit about my new lamp. Anyway, this is it. It came all the way from Canada and took nearly 3 months to get here!!! The seller was supposed to send it airmail, but she sent it surface. I had just about given up hope of it ever arriving. I did intend to re-sell it on ebay, as I got it for a really good price, but now I don't know. I guess I could find room for it somewhere.......

Hugz, coll :-}

PS: that mercenary daughter of mine probably wants me to leave this to her in my will too - lol.

My Gorgeous "whatever-it-is" & new lamp

Last week I had to go pick up an ebay purchase (an old lamp, of course) and while I was at this lady's house she commented that she still had some things left that hadn't sold on ebay. She's moving into a smaller home and has been selling off lots of "stuff". She asked me if I would like to take a look and of course, being a bargain hunter, as we all are, I naturally said yes.

I found this absolutely divine "whatever". It's meant to be scales, of course, but purely for decoration, so I don't really know what to call it, except GORGEOUS!!

I couldn't believe my luck and couldn't understand why no-one bought it. I know it's not of any particular use, but most of my things aren't, they're just to look at and admire. I know we all have LOTS of stuff like that.

Anyway, this lady just wanted to get rid of it and said I could have it for $20. Almost passed out. I grabbed it and ran-lol. It is now residing in the centre of my dining room table and looks most impressive. Wouldn't the centre make a wonderful lamp base-lol. John has threatened me not to touch it, he says we have enough lamps. Still........

Hugz, Coll :-}