Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some sunshine, AT LAST, gorgeous Daisies & my newly painted bedroom

Thank goodness the sun finally shone, at least in bits & pieces, for awhile yesterday & today looks a bit brighter too.
We've had so much rain my plants have developed webbed feet. For a couple of days our back garden was about 6" underwater. Being in the Blue Mountains, there is a rock shelf underground a couple of houses away from us, so all the excess water makes it's way to our place. We do have drainage in place, but we've had so much rain the ground & the drainage can't cope anymore. Hopefully, we will have some fine days, maybe a bit of sun & wind to dry it out a bit. Some of the plants have loved it, others have, unfortunately, not been so happy. The daisies, however, are looking wonderful. Divine white Shasta Daisies & dainty little blue Easter Daisies, looking so gorgeous in my blue & white kitchen.

Anyhoo, on a brighter note, my bedroom has been having a makeover, Shannon painted it last week (thanks sweetie, it looks wonderful), the most gorgeous shade of (what else) pink. I have been adding some gorgeous bits & pieces I've had stashed away waiting for the paint job. The elderly lady who owned this house used to SMOKE IN BED (ugh!!), so you can imagine what colour the walls were. Even when we cleaned them, it didn't make much difference to the colour. Good old nicotine. Imagine what it does to our insides. (Sorry to all you smokers out there, I used to be one too).

So, this is what my bedroom looks like now. Divine pink. The portrait of the Boy & Rabbit I've had for years, Shannon bought it for me for one of my birthdays about fifteen years ago. I just adore it. The simply gorgeous Victorian plaques behind my bed I bought on ebay from a lovely lady in the States, Char at fatcat25cats. My gorgeous quilt set has been stashed away for about 3 months, just waiting. I love blue, as you all know, & I thought it would be nicer, otherwise too much pink happening.

The yucky light on the wall behind the bed is going, I just bought a divine fitting from my dear
friend Debbie's (purpleflowerfairy) shoppe, which is white milkglass & porcelain roses. Can't wait to get it. And.... Shannon & I went shopping (odd that) on Tuesday & found THE most divine pale pink tulle with little sparklies all over it, just like diamonds, which i am going to buy HEAPS of & drape it (somehow) above the light & across the wall, sort of like a canopy, but not. Does that make sense? Hmmmm.
Sooo, will post some more pics when it is finally finished, but i love it already!
BTW, i know Shann told you all about our little shopping trip, buying lots of Easter Decos, so will also post some pics of them when they are up. They are all beautiful, we could have spent a fortune (well, we did spend a little bit-lol).
Have a great day everyone.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just in case anyone was wondering where I'd got to, after I was determined to blog more often, well, my computer turned up its toes, so this is the first chance I've had to get back blogging.

Thanks to my darling SIL, Shane, who is a bit of a computer nut, I'm back in business.

You don't realise how much you depend on the darn things until you don't have it. even my DH said "How are you going to do the banking?" Hee hee, silly man, has he never heard of actually GOING to the bank if you simply have to. Or phone banking, which we did before computer days.

Anyhoo, Shane got it all organised for me, took me to the computer shop to buy it, then spent hours putting it all together & getting my email up & running again. What a sweetie he is for his MIL. Worst thing is, I've lost all my old emails & email addresses, so if any of you gals out there I email would like to send me you email address again, I'd be a happy chickie.

So, now I've been able to get some stuff on my ebay again, so thought you might like to have a peep at some of it & some I have yet to get listed.
This is a lovely Candelabra I've had for quite awhile, it was looking a bit sad, so I gave it a few coats of lovely fresh white paint, added the gorgeous deep pink bobeche & voila! Aren't they pretty. The lovely Saji teapot & it's creamer, which you can't see, have been listed too.

Haven't listed this lamp yet, probably next week, I'm still working on it's twin. I'd like to sell them as a pair, hopefully. Aren't the blue roses on the milkglass base gorgeous.

I refurbished this lamp ages ago, listed it twice, but no-one loved it like I do. Thought I might give it one more try. What's wrong with green anyhoo, I ask you. My DH will probably kill me for listing it, he loves it & was very happy I didn't sell it.

This is a lovely little Crown Ducal bowl, for sugar I should think, but it is just sooo pretty whatever you use it for. The leaf bowl is hand painted, pretty old & the loveliest shades of pinky-lilacs & lots of gold gilding. Very pretty.

This year I am determined to get more of my lamps on ebay, so lots of work to do, because I have quite a collection of old shades & simply gorgeous bases. Might show you them all one day soon. My DH says I could open a lamp shop (its not really that bad - lol).

Gotta run, time to cook dinner.

Glad to be back, enjoy your weekend everyone.

Hugs, Coll :-}

Monday, January 7, 2008



I Hope you all had a wonderful Chistmas & New Year with your loved ones. I know that most of you will have read Shannon's posts, so you know we all had a wonderful time over Christmas & New Year, plus we've had a couple of birthdays as well.

Shane, my dear SIL, had his birthday on 2 January.You will know that Shane is a cancer survivor & we are so lucky to have him with us. Our darling granddaughter Jessica (she prefers just to be Jess), who turned 15 on New Year's Day. Seems like only yestereday I had to race to the hospital just after midnight on New Year's Eve to collect the two eldest girls, as there had been no time to drop them off at our house. This, mind you, after a couple of champagnes, so no driving. Have you ever tried to get a cab on New Year's Eve? Anyhoo, all went well & now she is 15. Trouble is, this chick is getting older too (lol).

This is Jess on Christmas Day, looking surprised. We did have a get-together for her at Shannon's house on her Birthday, but guess who forgot her camera. She is growing up to be a beauty like the rest of my girls.Thought I would add this pic too, just because I love it. My DH & our eldest granddaughter, Rebecca on Christmas Day. She will be 19 in a few months & is at University studying Nursing.

Well, it's nice to be back. Looking forward to another year of blogging with all my sweet friends in blogland.

Hugs, Coll :-}